list of merchants not to shop with....

I editted the message with a direct link to the vendor page. The first was a little hard to find. Sorry.

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I worry about you. How would you ever come across a web site like that! What hogwash!

We should start a grass roots campaign to start pressuring the off-road and access-friendly companies – just like the greenies are pressuring the firms listed here. We should start demanding our local bike and accessory shops donating to BRC, AMA and other land-rights organizations.


I saw a commercial on TV. It shows a lady talking on the phone in 1/2 the screen and a logger falling a tree in the other. Of course, part of the lady's long distance bill is going to the greens. As the she continues to talk, they reverse the fallen tree and it stands back up. I so tired of supporting those companies that give my cash to those that fight against me!

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