What keeps you coming back to TT?

I'm in the process of drafting the "About Us" page for the "New TT" scheduled to be launched sometime before the holidays and I need a little help. I'd like to include some testimonials from members explaining what about TT keeps you coming back or what you like most. If you feel motivated to do so, please email me your thoughts. Something that can be put into less than two sentences. I thank you in advance for your help! :) Please email your comments to me at bryan.bosch@thumpertalk.com

I have friends that I like to share info and stories with. i feel like I know most of the tt family, and life would not be the same without all of your help, advice, and humor! there are so many good people here! :)


I like the sexy pictures of F-Pilot, G-Man, and Maicoman riding in the buff!

Cause work is boring and it keeps my mind where I should be!!! Oh and I've met some really cool people to ride with.

Peace of mind. I'm a new 4 stroke rider and have always been able to find answers to my questions. Whether I am posting a question or just looking through the archives. Chunks of metal in my oil filter after my first oil change, is one of the first things that come to mind.


Thumpertalk is like a drug, you find yourself addicted. Great, friendly, helpful people. When the site is down, even for 24 hours, I'm not happy. Plus I also have met some super people to ride with.


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Chicks...just all the chicks that come here!! Plus the recipes, home improvement tips and online shopping. "We love you Thumper Talk!!"

Now if that's not front page material, nothing is!!

TT has hands down the BEST YZ426f Bulletin Board on the NET !! A better 4-stroke Knowledge Base DOES NOT EXIST !

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The most comprehensive group of thumper message boards on the net. As an extra bonus the regulars are all as cool as the people you meet at the track. :)

Computer: $1200.00

Internet Cable Service: Way to freaken expensive!

Computer problems: Enough to wanna shoot someone!

Time Wasted at the computer that has your wife/girlfriend pissed off: Can't count that high.

The info I have gathered here at ThumperTalk:


Now if they would only let me post my "friend" riding her CR500 in her thong bikini!!! LOL :)

To see if they have come up with hats or stickers for sell YET......

Thumpertalk is like having a factory mechanic on call! I have learned a ton of info here!


It is my home page....nuff said.

Hey GMan,

I think that posting your picture is one of those times where it's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask permission. ;P

It seems that four stroke people are of a different mind set than two strokers. There's a lot of technical insight here on both riding technique and machinery. Great bunch of people here and you'll notice they're coast to coast! Since I discovered this site in the last couple of weeks, my mo-sicle performance has improved dramatically and along with it my riding ability. When your machine performs at it's optimum you can too! If you want to take a good look at yourself to see what type of rider you are, just look at the people you associate with!

I found out about this site through the guys at "Thunder Alley" pipes.

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