Durn wide Radiators !!

I've owned my 426 for 6 months and I've cranked my right side radiator twice. Is it me, or are the radiators and shrouds on a 426 extremely wide compared to other bikes ?? After the first tweaked radiator, I had the radiator bent back into shape by a local shop who does a fantastic job (looked like a new radiator). I then bought the Devol Extreme Radiator braces since I ride in tight, rocky, & nastsy woods. Well, this past weekend I had a low speed highside onto a rock and the rock hit the lower 1/3 of the radiator brace. Both the brace and the radiator were severly bent. The radiator doesn't leak, but man it is racked and flattened. I will admit that if I didn't have the radiator brace, I probably would have destroyed the radiator beyond repair. What irks me is the size and location of the radiators on the 426. To me they seem to be ulta-vulnerable to damage. Does anyone have any suggestions to prevent this in the future, beyond the obvious of not crashing ?

Sorry but there's no solution to this that I've seen. My buddy took his brand new CR450F out and damaged his right radiator after about 4 hours! It sucks but you need them where they are to get air...I guess bike placement is the key when you're going down. :)

Ride On...

I destoyed one on my 98, and it still held water for the 15 mile treck home, bought a new one and a set of braces. 2k got the devols, and a scotts damper, also a pair or acerbis pro rallys. with this combo the rad. seem invincible! the damper keeps the bars straight (unless it is VERY ugly) and she plops down one the bar end, leaving 4 inches from ground to rad.! Or maybe it is just luck! (Also $$ signs in my head make me hold on longer :) )

I don't think the radiators are getting bigger or are even the problem....the bikes are getting narrower and that makes the radiators stick out further....just gotta protect them the best you can.

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