Stiff Clutch Pull?

For those that are experiencing stiff action at the clutch lever (such as all those magazine test riders that are slagging off the 2012 WR's clutch pull as too stiff) get yourself a can of Dupont Teflon Silicon spray lubricant and a cable luber.

Just got done lubing my clutch cable with this stuff and I must say I'm impressed. The clutch is now butter! Cable must have been pretty dry from Yamaha. When you see lubricant coming out of the dust boot down at the other end of the cable you are done.

The teflon in this lubricant makes all the difference and the fact it's silicon based will prevent it from attracting dirt. Winner! I used to use regular run of the mill silcon spray bit this suff is way better.

Obviously this will benifit any bike with a cable actuated clutch, not just the 2012 WR.

Edited by JDLowrance

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