clutch question

I figure its a long shot but i found a super cheap rekluse zstart for sale used that came off of an 03 wr450 would it fit my 98 yz400?

No, not directly, but it might be possible.

The Rekluse you're looking at is for a 450, and the 450 uses a different clutch boss (the hub part) than the 426.

The 400 has a smaller clutch than the 426, but it is said that the 426 clutch will bolt up to one if the 426 right side cover is used. If that's entirely true, then it may be possible to adapt the 450 boss (the Rekluse uses its own proprietary clutch boss) to the 400, but I'm not sure that's possible.

All in all, it's a long way to go for something that may or may not work, unless someone else knows something for certain.

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