Advantage/Disadvanage of a 120 rear tire?

Just bought a 2009 YZ450F and need some new tires. What size is everyone running for rear tires? What makes one size better than the other? Turning ability? Traction? I ride MX with the occasional trail ride on some pretty rocky ground.

I run a 110/90x19. I don't like the heavy feel of the 120, or the fact that it encourages the front to push.

I second gray's opinion. 110/90-19 for me too.

i ran a 120 on my 250x and it was good for trail riding. but i got 110s on my 450 and its comfortable everywhere

The 110/90/19 is what i run on my 04 yz450f the 120 lessens the grip in ruts from other riders and make the bike push high in corners in my opinion.

How about up front fellas... 80/100/21 vs 90/100/21?

I am ordering a Bridgestone 201 in 90/100x21 on the recommendation of a fellow desert racer. Application will be SoCal desert soils, which range from blow sand to hard pack alkali DG to rocks. I've tried a number of other tires and not been really thrilled with any of them. Currently using a Dunlop 952 in 80/100x21. I'll post in a new thread once I get enough time on the tire to evaluate it.

If your stricly gonna race the bike then 110 is best, but if you are gonna do any kinda trail riding, climbing, or desert racing 120 is a better choice. I have found that most 120 tires have bigger lugs and deeper tread then smaller 110's. Just some food for thought.

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