600 oil pump problems

Has anyone ever had their oil pump pressure relief valve go bad on them? My 600's top end burned up, I just replaced it all, then out of curiosity disconnected the oil feed line to the top end after starting it, and no oil came out!! I took the pump apart and found a seal in the relief valve that was blocking the hole; anyone else experience this or know how to prevent it?? Thanks. :)

That's one I've never heard of, but I'll look at mine if I ever have any reason or suspicion to do so. Thanks for sharing.

Well, the problem is still unknown, but i suspect it was the seal blocking the check valve in the oil pump that didn't allow the pressure to build up to send it to the top end. I ended up replacing all the dowl pins, o-rings, and seals ($12) and now it sends loads of oil to the top end and quieted the engine noises a bit, suspecting me to believe it has been going out for the last 1000 or so miles :) Now all is fine, ride on! :D

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