Smog block off question

I have a 00' 650R and wanted to take the smog crap off it, can I just remove the smog unit that bolts to the right radiator and loop the two tubes going into the head together? or is there some reason for that unit. I noticed a vent hose ran all the way to the air cleaner. Thanks in advance.

My 02 650r runs better without that stuff on it! I used the kit from Applied Racing which I purchased through TT. I removed all that tubing and you have to put a few plug/ caps on here and there. The hardest part is removing the two metal tubes that come out the front of the head! Mine was a Royal pain to get out! The rest was a snap! You will probably be hearing from the pros for there advice, they are awesome help! :) Good Luck!

Eric, Your a pro now tell him how you did it! :)

Not quite! But thanks for your confidence. If he wants me to tell him, I will. I just have to figure out a way to tell him without all the cursing I used! It kinda went like this! :):D :D :D :D :D:D :D :D:D

You are a funny guy! Great humor. Isn't the thread with all this still going? It's got the whole mess! :D I looked new month it's gone :)

On my 650, I pulled it all off and then cut the two tubes off of the plate that bolts to the head. I then welded the holes shut and bolted it back on (don't loose the orings). Free block-off kit! I also used an allen wrench that I cut down until it fit into that super tight area. That makes it easier as well.

:jawdrop:I too tried the shortened allen wrench trick. I broke two wrenches before having to get a long screwdriver and a hammer to knock the %#@& thing loose! I think they (Honda) torqued mine to about 100lbs? It was a real pain! :D But it is all good now! :)

Do all the 650's have the smog stuff or is it just the CA models?

Just California models are blessed with the PAIRS smog system. CA is special :)

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