Hi Guys- I tried searching for this answer but didn't have much luck...

The starter in my 04 is shot. The bike is new to me and the starter looks (and smells) like the PO cranked on the starter waaayyy to long. Anyway, my question is about aftermarket starters vs. oem. Does anyone have aftermarket starting motors? Are they decent? I understand you get what you pay for but the aftermarket starters are about 1/3 the price and my wife says I'm on a budget :)

I appreciate any comments you may have!

Check out this old thread,

I havent ordered one but it claims to be a OEM brand Mitsuba from these guys.

Nice find on the Ebay one, do you know if this is a OEM Mitsuba reboxed and sold aftermarket or a chinese copy?

I looked up their website and its even a few bucks cheaper on there

I'm on a budget too!

Thanks guys! I was looking at the eBay starter when I started this topic. I ended buying that one. I will let you know how it works when I get it put in.

I just picked mine up from being repaired at an auto electritians

Cost me half the price of a recon unit.

Put my starter in and it works great! I would recommend to anyone on a budget

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