what a con-jetting Qs

i cannot believe the people here. what a con. this web site was built on the WR page. don't let anyone bull you! the WR and YZ pages made this site.

but most of all people have come here to learn about how top prepare their bikes better, as we all knowe they DON'T come from the factory perfect. most people want a bargain or summit fer nowt. this site used to supply it.

but if ever a thread epitomised that growth it was 'Jetting Qs'. the research is about 90% by me with input about 80%. at the time 200 posts was considered one of the longest threads going on a technical subject. it took us nearly a year to get it archived after a helluva lot of pestering. even then we couldn't stop people adding what amounted to a load of jibberish on the end. no disrespect lads but you did get the feeling that the thread warranted better.

someone should have had the guts to cut everything off from post 200+. but it doesn't fit "nicely" with the way gruppenfuhrer claus and his cronies wants things done does it!

it doesn't tie in with selling goodies, it means you could sort things for yourselves! whatever next? it doesn't tie in with JD's needles because i clearly state that there is nothing that can't be done with a standard needle and a bunch of jets. (no offence to you JD)

better to let people post all over it and then when nobody is looking-drop it quietly. in the meantime making sure everytime you try to open the thread; make sure it's unavailable. :)

what were the pistols last words? you've all **** ******!

shame on TT. this is the thanks you show to me for what i did. if i'd been from kentucky or calafornia would it have made a difference? i think so.


Hey Taff!

It has been quite awhile my old friend!

Do you still have your WR...I thought you sold it for a Husaberg(?) :)

There are still some of us "Original" Thumpertalkers here, (albeit far & few) back when we had 150 members. What are we up to now in members... > 20,000?? :D

These last 19,500 guys probably don't know that Thumpertalk, started under Bryan H., was all about the jetting on the 1998/1999 WR400! The dealers didn't know anything about this bike! It was like the bastard (brother) of the YZF400. No one knew...and no one cared!

TT has come further than any of us "Originals" could have imagined...at least in my opinion.

Thanks for the "heads-up" guys. I too thought some of the jetting advice was absolute bollocks! :)



you should have been around "directing " people then!you dont post for months and then come in swinging? :)

At the risk of offending some of the long standing members I will say this:

Get over it. You did some good research, got some good results and that is it. Frankly, the babying you are doing makes you really seem like an ass. I would suggest going over to the Jetting forum, printing out your beloved post, eliminating the last few pages and wallpapering your bedroom with the rest.

Good day sir.

Dang, Taffy, you sure don't hold nutin' back now do youse?

90%??? That's a stretch.... well, okay I'll give you 90% (or even 95%) iffin' yer countin' pure windage. :D

Anyway, I bought JD's custom needles for my bike and I would have to say that they represent the culmination of all of the research and testing and are absolutely a plug and play application. All the newer TTers will never know the toils that got us there. Thank you very much for your part. :)

... and nice of you to drop back by. :D

Jetting these bikes used to be a lot of work... Back in the day of our 98's and 99's we all needed the extra tips to help us get our bikes running right. I think somewhere down the line Yamaha got the hint and started to make these things run crisp and clean out of the box.. For what is worth my 03 WR runs absolutly perfect stock.. The bike won't sputter,bog,stall,hiccup... Just tons of perfect power...

I think things have changed a bit... The off-topic sections of TT have really become a big thing, it turns out that many members want to talk about politics than the flat side Keihin carbs..

Taffy, great to hear from you!! It's not the same without you!!!! :)

Don't worry... We fixed the problem ol' chap! :D:D


Man, you are WAY too serious... Nobody pee'd in your Cherios intentionally Taffy. :D The jetting forum seemed like the most fitting place for the thread, as to benefit the greatest number of members possible. But, all is well with the world now, as the thread is home where YOU feel it belongs.... :)

Bryan (Claus cronie) :D


:) ................ :D

Dan et al

and in your first post i thought you were being so unamerican and then you go and spoil it!

kev-good to hear your about still but you really must try to get another life.

when something no longer works for you you should move on-right?

you can always trust the americans to put an argument on a higher plain can't you. how does it go? :) very good lads.

see you soon.


Well it's good to see some of the guys that worked that info back for a little reunion. What ever happened to Andrew from OZ? (I think I got that right). I remember myself following his posts, especially his hi tech speed runs that had us drill the maj and carb body passage. And to think Brian Kinney and his mod, and when you accused him of being some secret agent only giving out tidbits of info. You guys taught me a bunch but made me think about what was being done and why we did it. I almost wonder if guys would do what was done back then, drill a $1000 carb, or press the sprokets off to retime the cam and then reinstall.

Actually most times when I read posts from ego ahole, taffy and his way came to mind. Glad to see you and I suppose time has waited for none of us. And like many I had an earlier signup date but lost it all during some computer mix up. For me I think it's been 3 plus years.


I should have known..... You disappear into the grat abyss for months at a time, and the first thing you do upon coming up for air is start Bitching and whining about matters you have no control over.

I guess we need to erect a Taffy Shrine or something to make you feel better.

Welcome to the Church of the Painful Truth....


Several of us were here in the begining with you and know that you were an important contributer.....OK, Thats been said atleast 1000 times....but, that was then and this is now..... What have you done for TT lately?

I'm out....

Bonzai :)


It's great to see you here! I hope you're doing well.

Times have changed and none of the manufacturers use the version of FCR carb you once tuned with except for the DRZ. No main air jets to replace now and the accelerator pumps are tuned by diaphram rivet lengths and Leak jets in the float bowl instead.

Yes, Jetting Q's is still here, and will be for years to come.

James :)

Brian is funny :)


Good to hear from ya Taff. Been way too long... From my perspective, TT's been a bit "boring" as of late...mostly because it's all discussion related to the WR450 (which I admittedly know nothing about), but somewhat because of the lack of good ol' Taffy posts!

Once again, from a "not so old" TT member, props to you for all of the help with my bike. Of course it's all a mute point right now due to the 12 degree F temps outside right now! :D

BTW...know anything about tuning dual carbed Ski-Doo Renegade sleds? Think I'm in the market for one. They come with "DPM" (quasi-EFI), but I'm sure there's always room for improvement! :)



the husey site is truly a world club with a lot of boring vikings (slaying and pilaging? not that lot!) and one or two put FCR carbs on their steeds like me. they're standard as of last month and so it won't be long before needles start flying around!

been getting some decent results with top 10/150 being a bit of a regular at two clubs but at the centre meetings where the national riders and the youngsters turn up-my fitness is shot.

the huseys on dell orto's are pigs to start but when you're weened on a WR400, what's new :D

the group though has a very low post turnover. the bikes need little modification but do need more maintenance. in a straight line a WR400 is quicker so lord knows what the 450 is like but at least husey have a 450 as well now.

very few WR's in the Uk racing compared to even last season. they're either a poor man's starter or a dealer entered machine. for most though they were too heavy. i have raced a few this year and all their hard riding/work is kaputt when they stall.

a man can only take so much. :)

anyway, let's hope that TT sets up a proper short, sweet archive that contains 'generally agreed' info that newcomers can dial straight in to.

if they've got time to start all these different groups then surely this area is overdue.

i'm off now for a flying lesson-tiger moth!-my speed and my style. anon. :D


HUH! what was that? :)


I'm still running your/Taffy's jetting in my WR and I've YZ timed it now as well. The thing hauls A$$ and I have no complaints. :)

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