2012 YZ 450 Cant get to start!

Got a 2012 YZ 450 with 4 hrs total on bike. I bought it new right before winter and only have two rides and two races on it. A few days ago I got the bike out and tried to start it and it wouldn't fire! At first I thought it was because it was sitting all winter so I put a heater to it and changed the plug and found oil on it. What could it be? I drained the old oil out and put new in, changed oil filter, put new gas in. Also the clutch won't engage I'm lost on what it could be?

The YZ450 is very picky to rmp setting for starting likes 2000 -2100 at idle cold start will be more. Based on temp it will vary, best way to watch is with an hour meter that displays RPMs. Try holding the throttle cracked open a tiny bit when starting and see if it fires.


Since you say it sat over the winter why not pull the fuel injector and clean it?

Also are you sure you have a spark?

Do you have the exuast plugged or a moose built a nest in there

my 2012 will not start if I kick it hard. It will however start very slow and smooth kicks with the choke nob pulled. Once it warms up, it starts easily with out the choke and slow smooth kicks. Try checking the air filter for too much oil. Forgot to mention I dont use any throtle when kicking. On page 1_9 of the manual there is a starting tip that says, if the engine fails to start, give the kickstarter 10 to 20 slow kicks ar full throttle to clear a rich air-fule mixture. yz

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