First WR450

Just picked up an 04 wr450 from a guy at work. First four stroke and have been loving it! Haven't rode in awhile so still getting back into the swing of things. Looking forward to learning all about it and having some fun.

Good choice! Enjoyment of riding is the ultimate goal.

Keep the rubber side down until you get the feel of it. Nothing sucks like hurting yourself and getting soured on riding.

where in WA are ya?

Welcome to TT. There are a bunch of great people here that are willing to try and help you as needed. Remember out on the trails don't let anyone push you to far beyond your comfort zone. You now own a bike that can likely out perform you in several ways. Most of all enjoy yourself.

where in WA are ya?

I'm in tri cities. Went and rode up above mattawa today and had a blast!

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