School me on buying a WR

Hey guys, Vet rider, always been a honda guy. Ive taken a liking to a WR recently although ive never ridden one. Ive owned several quads and several CRF450. What should i look for when buying a used WR. Are they reliable? anything to look for. Ive found a couple in my area but not too many. I founf some 08's for arounf 4000. Which seems high to me but maybe not. It seems as you can buy a new leftover for around 6000. What have you guys gave for yours OTD price. I would love to be able to buy new so i know what im buying. A used bike scares me anymore.

What are you looking to do with the WR? They are great bikes for their intended use, (hard core trail riding, dual sport, and even light to medium racing use) they are not 100% pure race bikes (a bit heavy and a bit tame). If you are looking for a pure race bike compairable to a CRF then a YZ is a better choice.

What the WR does well is offers a solid reliable chassis and motor with more than enough performance for 95% of us, so if you are looking for a awesome trail bike at a lower price than a KTM then the WR is a awesome choice.

Remember that the WR does come very restricted stock to meet CA green sticker so its a bit of a do-it-yourself kit with a new one, nothing major and Yamaha offers all the stuff to do the job... Most used bikes you will find will have already had some or all of this done to it. You sound a little like me in being leery of buying something someone else has tinkered on. I found a 2003 that had been vet owned and barely ridden, he had only done a few of the mods so I still had to do most of the work myself, luckly the info needed is all on here and pretty easy to do. Once opened up they run really well. The e-start button isn't bad either when your tired.

If you can swing a leftover new bike that would be my first choice but remember to budget for the ECU, programer, and exhaust upgrade. The bike does have protapers and a awesome computer stock, I looked at a CRFX and KTM EXC's next to the WR and I feel the build quality of the WR is very good, much better than the Honda and if Yamaha offered and real viable stock exhaust it would be on par with KTM, and even with some parts purchases comes in way cheaper than its closest rival.

As far a pricing goes I look at Kelly blue book online, KBB retail is the most I would ever pay for a 100% perfect bike with super low hours and perfect maintance, people seem pretty crazy on their pricing for most used bikes. Ive been looking for a used bike for a buddy and some of the bike prices I've found are insane..

Good Luck

Buying a new bike scares me even more! The knowledge that you just donated $2500 that you can never get back, just so you could be the first person to ride it.

$4000 for an '08 is about right, especially this time of year.

They are terrific bikes. Probably the most reliable, longest lasting motors. I am a Honda guy, but my friends have had WR's, and they are pretty close in function and capability. You can customize seats, bars, suspension, etc, to suit your style.

I prefer the suspension and motor of the Honda 450X just slightly over the WR, but would happily ride either.

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The new ones come with much better SSS (speeed sensitive suspension) components developed for the YZF. If you buy used, look for one that has these already installed. They have a distinctive shape to the forks. The earlier forks are difficult to make better (and they need it). Several on here have tried with mixed results.

The motors are very reliable and haven't changed much lately except for the addition of fuel injection. In fact, all of the aluminum frame bikes are the same up until they came out with the current one, except for graphics.

I disagree, 4000 bucks for a 2008 (five and a half years old) WR is pretty high unless its still in the crate. KBB shows 3,725 for excellent condition (good luck finding that unless it was owned by a factory mechanic). I always assume that a used dirt bike needs a minimum of 500-1000 dollars worth of parts (brake pads, bearings, cables, chain, sprocket.. suspension rebuild etc) just to be up to par. If the motor has any issues or too many hours or poor service its a loss cause completely, so I always work that into the purchase price so 3,200 cash in hand if I were going for a 08 in good shape, remember theres a reason they are selling their bike, usually to cover something else more important in life. If they simply want a new bike thats way more than a dealer would give for trade in.

I agree that I would pay up to get the SSS forks if you can and I'd kill to have the FI if it were in my budget..

Get 2007-later (alum frame).

check the oil! check the air filter, make sure it isn't dirty. look at the frame and covers for boot wear to judge how worn the bike is.. new plastics are usually a bad sign. I paid 3400 for my 07 a year ago, it still had the factory tires on it, looked like it rolled off the floor aside from some dirt.

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Condition, condition, condition. That is primary.

I have owned a few WR's, and while the '07 and later are better bikes, the '03 and later are also great.

As mentioned, the bike comes in a state that is not very aggressive, motor or suspension wise.

So, if you expect the same level of suspension as the CRF's, you will be disappointed.

You can throw some money at the suspension to make great strides, but stock CRF suspension is still in another league.

Dave J's Smart Performance kits provide the best results for most.

'12+ models solve all of this with the SOTA KYB stuff.

'12+ models are also more cramped, cockpit wise, especially if you are over 6'.

The motor is extremely easy to wake up, and has much more off-idle torque than the CRF's, and WAY more torque than the late model KTM stuff.

Reliable? Virtually nothing more reliable out there, once you do the updates on the older models (read the FAQ and other stickys at the top of the forum).

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Are they tough? They are some of the toughest 450's around! I have a 03 and I LOVE mine, mine has had a bad life of neglect and abuse from previous ownder, but it still starts in 1-2 kicks, always comes back for more and shifts better than my 09 WR250X.

Keep looking, I bought a brand new 08 (old stock) from a Yamaha dealer last year for $4200 + tax.

Best bike I've ever owned.

Keep looking, I bought a brand new 08 (old stock) from a Yamaha dealer last year for $4200 + tax.

Best bike I've ever owned.

See this is that i want to find. But whats the best way top find these left overs like this if they aint advertised. I guess just start calling dealers and asking them if they have any lol.

See this is that i want to find. But whats the best way top find these left overs like this if they aint advertised. I guess just start calling dealers and asking them if they have any lol.

I used (before they were forced to change format by craigslist) and scoured my surounding states for "WR 450" "WR450F" etc.

I saw this dealer list the new 08 for $5000. I showed up at his door ready to pay $5000, but asked if he could do any better. He went to Yamaha and they gave him $800 to move the old bike.

The shop installed a new battery (since the factory one was 4 years old) and a tender cable, and sent me out the door for $4200 + tax. No setup fee, dock fee, document fee, nothing else.

Anyone asking more than 3k for a used 08 is crazy.

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