'99YZ400F F/S

I have gone orange, so blue must go.


The best of both worlds:

'99YZ400F set-up for enduros or convert back to MX

12 oz. flywheel weight (can be removed)

o ring chain

lighting coil(40watt)

WR head light assembly

Taillight with license bracket

Kick stand (WR frame mount)

Works frame guards

Stroker pipe with spark arrestor (US forestry stamp)

FMF head pipe (clears the filter)

Guts racing tall foam and cover

Devol front disc protecter

Renthal bars (full length)

Clark large capacity tank

MSR raptor clutch perch and lever

New Mich S-12 rear tire

Extras not on bike: sprockets 2front and 2rear, oil filter, air filter (twin air),Flywheel puller, stock silencer, moose skid plate, front number plate, renthal bars cut to 29in., bark busters and thumper racing bar mount risers (1.5in up and forward).

Can sell as MX or enduro you pick. I do not have original tank or rear fender. Bike is in excellent overall condition. Religious oil and filter changes. Valves recently adjusted. Extremely reliable and yes, very easy to start. Needs nothing but a rider. You can have everything above for $3500.00 (OBO) or strip to strictly MX for $3000.00

E-mail: skmcbride@home.com

I live in northern Maryland and would like to avoid shipping if possible.

Thanks, Keith.

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Bump with price cut!

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