Online Ordering Sucess Story

Just wanted to share with you all a quick story about Motosport Outlet. I ran across their special on Thor riding gear ($139 for pants/jersey/gloves for 2001 COR3 stuff) and decided to order. I've wanted the Yellow/Blue/White combo for a long time but none of the local shops carried my size (34 pants). When I ordered online, I fully expected to get an email the following day saying they were out of my size. But 3 days after I ordered, BAM, there was my new stuff sitting on the doorstep. I couldn't believe it. My size and ON SALE!! They didn't charge shipping because the order was over $100 and they delivered in the 3-5 days promised on their site. I was very impressed.

I'm still a price shopper and they aren't the cheapest on some items, but where they are they'll definitely receive my business. (PE clutch basket for $139 comes to mind).

And no, they didn't pay me to say this, I'm just a satisfied customer.

Do they have a web address?

I've purchased stuff from them, too, and have mostly good things to say about them. They delivered my order on time, in full, just as expected. They did spell my name wrong, but whatever.

Oddly enough they even got my name right (first time in a while...). Yes, they do have a web site, it's If you order something they send you a color catalog too.

I've also had positive experiences with them as well. They worked with me when I wanted wheel assemblies, kept me informed, and gave me a decent price.

Hint: If any is like me an pays 100% of their own cost for riding/racing, then Bob's has fantastic prices on closeout gear. I got a pair of Sinisalo SCD pants for 50% off. Their closeout section is where the bargains are.

I've also had excellent experiences when dealing with Motosport Outlet. I went to their old shop in Yakima and the guys were all really cool. Even the owner took some time out to talk to us. Now that they're in Oregon I don't have to pay tax anymore. Cool!


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