The BRP likes it wet...

Yesterday The island I live on was under flash flood warnings and I took the BRP out to wallow in the mud. For 6 hours I got the pleasure of riding thru the muddiest, wettest, slimiest crap you can imagine and lots of deeeeep areas. The rain was pounding and water was running down the hills. Some trails were under water the whole way and some rivers so deep you would die if you tried to cross. I'm not exaggerating cause the water was absolutely raging. It was awesome! Hardly anyone was riding. If the BRP can go out and enjoy it, where the heck was everyone??? I saw some of the hardcore guys and that was it. Oh well, It was an epic day of riding and thanks to my friend Neil for letting me wash my mud down the drain in front of his house..... :D :D :)

Sounds like fun. I love riding in the mud. The best I have ever done in a hairscramble was in the mud. I finished 5th out of 11. :)

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