Changed my oil tonight and decided to try her in the snow(07 YZ450),well I didn't get far and had to try and turn around.Decided to pop the clutch to raise the front wheel and pull it to one side to turn but everytime I tried the first quick shot of throttle while popping the clutch the bike hesitated like a bog.Seems like it only happens when its a quick shot,does it mean the AP needs adjustment?

after reading some I guess i'm gona try the o-ring mod.

If you're riding in snow, it's cold. If it's cold, and you haven't rejetted for it, then the behavior you describe is just what you should expect.

Cold air is much denser, so the engine needs more fuel to compensate. Rough rule of thumb is 1% larger jet size per 10 degree drop in temperature. By that, if you run a 45/165 in the summer at 90 degrees, you'd need a 48/172 to match the same air/fuel ratio at 35 degrees.

Don't do the O-ring mod.

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