I am having major clutch issues. While out at the dunes my clutch started slipping, upon inspection I found that the plates were scorched and blued. I had a friend pick me up a new set of fibers and plates so I could salvage the weekend. I installed the new parts but no joy. The clutch is even worse than before. I have not replaced the springs and now I am thinking that might be my problem. Therefore, I have the following questions:

Do I use HD springs and if so, where do I get them and what is thier part number?

Do I remove the judder spring and what is the benifit of removing it?

Do I add an additional metal plate at the bottom of the stack to increase clutch size and overall pressure on the clutch system as per the tech bulletin located here

Any other insight you can offer would be great!

Thanks In Advance!




damn dave, I was hoping someone would answer as I am having clutch problems as well. After 500 miles of LA Barstow to Vegas, I think my clutch is toast. Only 2000 miles on the bike. Pull in the lever kick down to first, CLUNK! damn, that's not right. Catching hell finding neutral too, never had a problem before.......time to take the pig to the vet....

Dave, I'm sure you'll get more responses later on this evening but to start a little, I have not needed to replace my clutch yet, so I'm not sure why the new clutch is worse off than the old one unless not enough disk were placed back but I'm sure you installed it correctly.

There are various makers of HD clutch springs! like (but some will warn you against using that business, haven't heard any complaints on their products though) But I have run across many other aftermarket clutch companies that have them from various motorcycle parts suppliers!

As far as the article about adding another plate, my understanding (how it was explained to me) was that it is to help with the pressure of stock clutch springs, so my understanding is it isn't needed if you get HD springs! But maybe it'd give you even more firmer clutch contact with both?

So maybe that helps with HD clutch spings and SRCinc bulletin. Hopefully someone can help with why it is worse than the old one as well!

Good luck


ypu can get them @

Fellers…I have fixed my clutch problems. After reading tons of information on this issue on-line I have figured out a few things.

I took some measurements of my clutch between the basket face and the pressure plate face with all of the plates removed and the assembly fully collapsed (minimum distance between faces). Mine measures at 30.3mm. I understand stock to be 29.6mm indicating .7mm of wear. I then measured the plates. The metal plates measure at 1.397mm and the fiber plates measure at 3.276mm. There is 6 metal plates and 7 fiber plates for a total stack width of 31.31mm. giving me 1.014mm of “area” to compress the clutch, not nearly enough to get the job done (obviously!). So, as per an on-line suggestion I added an additional metal plate (it gets installed first) and now my stack width is 32.707, leaving a clamping “area” of 2.4mm….MUCH BETTER! Now my clutch works in a seriously good way! I know that I have worn faces on the basket and pressure plate but I should get a lot more service life out of it before I have to shell out big bucks for a new basket and pressure plate.

Hope this helps! :)

My clutch was completely toasted after only 800 miles on the bike. One fiber was cracked straight through so I don't know if this was the issue or not. The clutch was so badly burnt it left high temp oil stains on the inner and outer basket. Furthermore the outer clutch hub had slight fingers on it that I filed down. I replaced the clutch with a Barnett Dirt Digger (part# HPK44D) and Xr's only HD springs. Runs like a champ now. If these clutch issues are a result of weak stock springs then shame on Honda. I think what happens is the stock gearing (being 14/45) is too high and many people utilize this bike in un-intended territory, ie-tight trails hence resulting in constant feathering of the clutch. I hope to get more life out of this one. I have about 150 miles on the new clutch and I'm about to open it up again and check and spec it out.

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