Clutch issues 2008 yz450f

Hi there guys,

I'm looking to get some info, i am getting occasional wheel spin in neutral when the bike is on the stand running, it gets more intense as the amount of throttle is increased, seems like the clutch is still just barely on by the littlest amount, Im hoping its just a matter of making minor adjustments!!! the clutch basket, plates ect are in awesome shape and meets all allowable tolerances according to the manual. Can anyone tell me the exact steps to clutch adjustment ?? I like to do things right the first time and to gain knowledge so i can do things for myself, any help would be much appreciated!!!!!!!!


In neutral, the clutch has nothing to do with anything. Also, if your hand is off the lever, then the clutch is completely engaged anyway. The rear wheel spins on the stand running in neutral because of the slight drag that exists in the transmission. In neutral, the main shaft and half of the trans gears are spinning with the engine. If the oil drag on the output shaft is great enough, it will spin the output shaft and rear wheel.

Normal. Nothing to adjust.

I was hoping you would reply gray, thanks alot!!

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Hey gray any tips to get a bit more free play? i think its just a minor thing

Adjust the cable.

There is one adjuster under the large rubber "star wheel" cover, and another one an inch or so out from there in mid cable under a rubber sleeve.

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