xr650r as a street fightin holigan

i'm thinking about turning my xr650r into a street fighter after i'm done racing it. i want to put some super moto wheels on it, run a shorter front fender, and dual sport it of course.

i would like to put all black plastic on the bike but haven't seen anything other than red for the 650r... have you guys?

also, i want to get rid of the number plate and run a single 6 to 8 inch diameter headlight, ala nekked street bikes. anybody know if the single HD lights from places like baja designs are street legal? if not has anyone seen a single round light rig for the 650 that's street legal?


I would love to be proven wrong, but to my knowledge and vast research NOBODY makes ANY black plastic for the 650R :D. The only black parts I found were universal fit headlight/numberplates (front plate, not side of course) and Acerbis makes a black front fender for the XR600 that will fit the 650R. The tail of it is about 3 inches shorter than that of the stock fender. This is the same fender that Baja Designs uses on their 650Rs. It bolts up with a very simple filing of the rims around the bolt holes to snug up under the bracket.

As for the headlight, the BD single can be set up to be street legal, with a high and low beam filament in a single bulb. You may have to do some easy research to find the right bulb, or the folks at BD are very helpful on the phone or e-mail. They have good advice and customer service.

Good luck :)


So true, the only black you can put on that bike is number plate, front fender, tank and tires. Alot of people would have charred pigs if they made black plastic for them :)


thanks for the replies. i've been looking around for black plastic and haven't found anything. i figured maybe one of the smaller shops like mauer made some that i was overlooking.

i'll look into the baja designs headlight. it will be another year before i fully dedicate the 650 to street only use, im just gettting some ideas together.

btw: a couple weeks ago someone posted a photo of their street legal 650r with super moto wheels. i can't find the thread now... can you guys?

How about just painting it black? I was thinking of doing that to my white side plastic. Ive crashed so many times that it is looking pretty ratty.

I am going to sand it down until it is smooth again, then spray some primer then some spray on white :). might even do a design. Who knows

There's various ways to paint plastics such as using special flexible primers followed by paint or you can very carefully use a propane torch on the surface you plan to paint which vaporizes the plasticizers and allows your paint to stick, but this method requires a good deal of skill to minimize the chance of melting or burning the plastic and shouldn't be attempted unless you've had enough practice on cheaper plastic parts.

Earlier this year, Krylon introduced their new Fusion paint which was developed specificlaly for plastics. I've heard mixed reviews on it, but mostly good. The one point that always stood out to me when reading posts from various people who tried this on their bikes/ATV's was to let it fully cure the maximum amount of time or else it would be significantly less durable. You can buy Krylon Fusion at Walmart and many auto parts stores as well. Here's a couple links I saved in regards to this paint.






painting isn't a bad idea. but it sounds like a lot of work. too many other projects. i was hoping to swap this bike over with just a handfull of bolt ons.

what a bummer. i have this vision of a all black KTM Duke-like bike that i could roam around on causing trouble. jumping curbs, railing road corners. jet black, single headlight, clean lines, but rough in that mad max sort of spirit.

We recently painted an old chest protector (Acerbis) that we got with a bike we bought last year with Fusion. It was pink so it spent all of its time laying around. We followed the instructions and the end result was a nearly new looking chest protector that is until one of my sons dropped it on the garage floor (not a very big fall). The resulting scratch was pretty gnarly. I don't think the paint sticks all that great, but it looks good while it's on. Just my .02.

i too have been unable to find black plastic, heres a thought. We used to dye our lacrosse heads, very durable, doesnt scratch off. You just put the dye in a bucket of hot water followed by the part, sand it a bit first. Then if you wanted it glass smooth and shiny after you could paint over top and when it scratched though, it would still be black. I think the dye came from walmart actually now that i think about it. Just a thought, JR

I have a pic of a very modified (and gorgeous) XR as my background, with black rear fender and side panels. But i don't know how to post it??? :)

MAN you read my mind! I've been working on the same project for about 2 weeks now :)

I've decided on this game plan

1. Acerbis front universal supermotard fender (black) $25

2. Acerbis ciclop (spelled that way) headlight-can't stand the a 10" TV as my headlight. Provides a 55w low light,55w spot so it should work with my stock stator. ($100)

3. Spray paint my spare high cap fuel tank & side plates with polyurethane bumper paint-heard that worked well.

4. I've been told that an MX600 rear fender will fit (atleast with some drilling) onto my back.

Anyone have any warnings on what i'm about to do please let me know!

I'll post some pics when all's done.

check out bcsportbikes.com and go to bikes for sale. Check out the supermotard XR650R with black plastic. :)

Ace hardwear sells Plastic Fusion paint for $5 a can. Works quite well dries in fiftenn minutes, can handle in one hour, takes seven days to fully cure. Does not crack or peal but, if you scratch through you'll see the color under it. I have black Acerbis front fender with Black fender brace. Black SuperBrace fork brace. Black Acerbis front rotor cover and fork guards and boots. Black rear fender (painted) black radiator shrouds (painted). Black Renthal RC Fatty bars; with red and black pro grips, Red (turned pink so, I painted them red) Acerbis pro hand guards, Black Acerbis head light 65/55w blue star light. Black and red FX seat cover and red Clark 4.3 tank.

I just got back from getting my Oinker inspected to get a plate. I didn't have a plate light and they let me slide. I live in Kalifornia and after the 31st you can not get a plate on a green sticker bike. I put in my own bridge rectifier and made my own turn signals (not DOT aproved) the turn signals are real small tear drops and are mounted straight to the back fender. I have an Acerbis head light and mounted smoked tear drops on the plastic head light frame. Put a turn signal relay and horn. I used my sons Baja Kit for the switch, battery and horn and am buying a cheaper switch from Four strokes only. Now that I got it checked off there will be no horn and no battiery. The kit I made only weighs 2 pounds vs. seven pounds for the Baja kit.

Where did you get that Thang inspected? I hear the dealers are a bit more leniant? I need to get mine done next week! Kit is all good, but I still need a mirror. :)

I've been wanting to use that Graemlin! :D

I went to John Burr 9008 Sierra Ave., Fontana, CA.. They charged $30. It took only minutes insted of hours that it take at the DMV. :)

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