Mobil 1 4T 10-40 on sale at Advanced auto parts 8.99/qt

Did a quick search and didn't see this posted; I just picked up 4 qts at Advanced Auto Parts..the sale runs through March. Figured it might be of interest to the guys (like me) that run Mobil 1 in my YZ 450F. Stock up now...riding season soon!

I got the same price here at canadiantire ,it was on clearance so I bought what was on the self.Too bad it was only 3 litres,may go back to see if they have more out back.

Wal Mart has it all year long for 8.97....

Wal Mart has it all year long for 8.97....

$16.97 here at walmart

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$16.97 here at walmart

Canada doesnt count ha ha. must be the exchange rate. cruise down to Wal Mart in the US and stock up.

its the rip off rate,bet I could order it from the states cheaper than what stores sell it for here and they buy in bulk.

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