Thunder Alley - Or - come on feel the noise....

is there a web site for thunder ally?i'd really like to check it out.

Ive got it! My new Thunder Alley pipe is in the garage. Waiting for install. Cant wait. He (Bob Murry )sent me a 166 main to go with it. After trying it, Im gonna do the BK mod. One thing at a time. After that Im going to a 51 tooth rear. Ill probably have to hire Tim Ferry to ride the thing for me. I wish the pipe was more astetically atractive. Hell,its alomst plain ugly, at least the header is, but hey she cooks. Muffler looks just like anything else. All the fun stuff is inside the aluminum canister. Smaller core than my Pro circuit T-4. :)

Shawn Mc-

Any chance of getting some digital pics of the pipe before installation? Im really curious to see this bad-boy that I have been reading raves about. :)

I dont have a digital camera, at least not yet. So I be able to put any pics up for the pipe. But I put it on last night and fired it up at 9:30 pm to the chagrin of my neighbors. My next door neighbor comes over last night after i blip the throttle a couple of times, " So ya got a new toy huh? Can ya kill that thing, ya woke up my kids" OOPS! Oh well, cant wait to ride it, going out to elsinore on friday after thanksgiving. One thing about the pipe right out of the gate, it fits better than my Pro Circuit T-4 did in the mounts. But its fatter and lays on the side plate a tad. But I think I have the wrong side plates.

Cruise down to Kragen and get some muffler tape and load up the inside of your side panel with it. I remember when I demoed the system at Elsinore it touched the very back of the side panel. Is that where you're talking about? If so, I'm not sure how to keep that from melting. At least it's just the edge.


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