Hot start question

Hey I have a 2008 yz450f that I bought recently. Well I bought it and the hot start was seized. I managed to get the plunger out but broke one of the little tabs off in the process. So ordered a whole new cable (I think it has a new plunger attached?) And its supposed to be here tomorrow but I was hoping to ride today. I assumed I was SOL on riding but yesterday I figured I would see if it would run. It started first kick cold and seemed to idle fine, gave it a few short revs and it seemed ok but I didn't let it warm up all the way or ride it around. So can i run it without the plunger in there?

No. You'll be running too lean, and with an air leak that will affect the entire throttle range. If you have to ride it, put the plunger back in with the the seal, drop the spring in, and run the plastic retainer nut down to hold it. Tape off the hole in the top of the nut, and go.

Yeah that's pretty much what I figured was it would be lean I just thought it would be bad enough it would barely run when it was cold. Well thanks for the fast response

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