ArenaCross - Sacramento

I'm thinking about signing up for one of the amateur slots for the February date, Sacramento ArenaCross.

I mean, how often do ya get the chance to ride an indoor SuperCross style track in a place like the ARCO Arena?

That's what I thought.

Did anyone do this last year? If so, any thoughts or recommendation going into this?


I did the Oakland Arenacross last year. It was quite exciting to be on an arena cross track and indoor and the location of the pits was wierd and all the folks in the stands...the race itself was disappointing; very, very short track, only 3 laps, get the holeshot or forget it. But you're right, how many times do you get to do it? Just keep your expectations in check and you'll have more fun.

I can atleast say that I have raced arenacross.


I'm sure several of us are hoping that when the AMA decides to split up the Supercross stuff they also decide to bring back the amateur days. I sucked but had alot of fun. I did weasel my may into a 3rd o/a (30+ intermediate) at San Diego in 1994. Better to be lucky than good!!!!

Like you guys often do we get to ride the same track.


A few friends of mine raced the amateur day Sacramento Arenacross last year. They said it was fun although there were quite a few guys who ate it hard in the whoops and off the finish line jump. There was a huge turnout, over 400 bikes, and the last race didn't end till midnight, so pack a lunch and dinner. They also said it rained and everyone had to pit outside, the guys who didn't have a trailer were pretty miserable. They said it was an awesome feeling to race in Arco and the track was a blast once you figured it out. The races are short and you won't get alot of practice but you should still have a blast.


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