How much$$ and Whos best for suspension revalve???

I have a 99 400f and the suspension seems very harsh. I am interested in having my suspension revalved and am wondering how much it costs and who you recomend. I weigh 165 and am a vet rider. I ride both trail and MX. THANKS :)

Hey Jimmy,

Check out this thread I posted about 2 wks ago! This should get you started on what you need and how much it will cost (BTW I weigh ~168lbs)! My springs/gold valves come in tomorrow. I ordered .44 up front, 5.2 in the rear and Race Tech gold valves for the front and rear. It seems like everyone has their own opinion on how to set up suspension, and Im sure they all work great. But I ordered the gold valves because I want to learn how to do this suspension stuff myself and RT's kit is very user friendly (comes w/instruction video and valving charts) and it will help me for future revalves (hey I will have to learn suspension sooner or later, so why not learn it now, its only money right? LOL). If I wasnt doing it myself I would just send it to a place like MX tech and have them revalve my stock unit w/the midvalve installed!

I have talked to a few local guys and riders who said the if you can install fork seals you can do a revalve and install gold valves/springs! Hope this helps because it gets kind of confusing,


Oh yeah it cost me around $450 for the parts. I know this sounds like alot, but think how much money headers/pipes cost? Which mod would make you faster (its up to you to decide, but I know what I would choose now...but hindsight is always 20/20) I probably could of gotten a revalve/new springs for cheaper from MX Tech. But in the long run it will save me money because I can revalve it myself whenever I get heavier/faster (and the knowledge is "priceless" as Mastercard would say)! Also Im sure some of my riding buddies will want new suspension at some point (probably in a few wks whenever they ride mine LOL) Now if only this collar bone would hurry up and heal LOL! Later,


I agree 100%. What bigger bang for your buck can you get than suspension upgrades? Nothing will allow you to ride at your potential more than excellent suspension.

I spent the money and had mine done at Enzo. Mucho bettero. His ads are everywhere. Nice guys overthere. Cost me 450 for both ends. springs and all.

Has anyone ridden a bike with the Enzo canisters for the forks? I was thinkin about going with the gold valves and canisters for my 01 426...

RG3 did a great job on my suspension. Another thing I like about them is they give you a tracking number so you can call them up if you have any questions on how they set the suspension up (oil levels, viscosity, valving specs). Mine was done 2 years ago and I called them up the other day when I was getting ready to tear my forks apart for an overhaul and they had all the answers I needed. Very knowledgable and helpful also.


Thumpy; I had Enzo do a revalve and subtanks. I have been very happy with the results. I am not a pro racer, but a 40plus rider trying to get back into MX after a 20year layoff. I

would highly recommend Enzo and their subtanks.


What improvement did you notice with the canisters/subtanks?

Bottoming resistance is greatly improved. I occasionly come up short on jumps and haven't had that metal to metal 'clank'. Also, the ride is overall alot more plush.

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