Yz426 temp? Rpm?

Hey guys or girls, I was wondering what an average temp my 2000 426 should be running at I know it dosnt have a thermostat but what temp would be "ideal"

Also what about rpm where should the shift points be? I know the rev limiter is around 11500 but I wouldn't want to use the rev limiter as a shift indicater lol

Thanks in advance

I installed a Trail tech Vapor and it comes with a coolant temp sensor. I have only been riding on the street (2002 426) and my temp while moving stays around 130 or so. with lots of stopping, low speed, it gets warmer. I couldnt tell you on my dirt 426 because it has no temp. i did notive that sitting at lights i have got as high as about 200. the header pipe is always going to run super hot regardless. I do know that water boils at 212 degrees, so a lot of stopped running would be bad for this bike because it doesnt have a fan. I actually thought about wiring one up. shift points are a shot in the dark. it depends on if you are just cruising, or hitting it hard. I just do it by ear and feel.

Damn,my 426 runs at around 205 degrees. I guess u could say that your temp is MONEY. as for shift points, I go right up to about 10000-10050 if I'm getting on it. Otherwise, I shift at about 8-9k. The bike has so much low end that it's really your choice.

I do know that water boils at 212 degrees, ...


What you don't know is that the bike has a radiator cap that maintains 16 psi inside the radiators, and water doesn't boil until close to 240 under that pressure.  The correct 50/50 coolant/water mix will resist boiling to 270 under 16 psi.


The bike has no thermostat, so temperatures will drop below what would actually be ideal quite often while underway.  As long as it doesn't boil, the temperature is low enough for practical purposes.


Shift points?  Are you road racing it?  Too much science.  The power peak happens roughly at 8200 RPM.   Shift when the next gear up or down works better.

Thanks man

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