04 yz450 suspension

6'3 about 270 with gear. Need to re spring my bike for "beginner" MX with a little harescramble enduro thrown in. I'm over 40 and and have no intention of doing triples or any other "big" air. When I video myself (stock springs) obviously the rear tends to dip probably a little much on small doubles and can wallow a bit on fast straightes. I've got a bad knee and will never go big on anything. My question is should I stick with the recommendations of the online calculators or experiment a bit? I notice that while bouncing on the bike sitting still the rear "gives" much more than the front (yes I bleed the air every ride). Do you always change springs in front and rear sets or are there instances where you may just change the rear? Also while I dont have my "sag " numbers handy they fell within what I've found online.

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Your kinda out of the ballpark at 270. Stock suspension is gonna be harsh because it rides to low in the stroke with the stock springs. First get the right springs and ride it that will make a huge improvement but you are more than likely gonna find that it doesn't have enough rebound with the heavier springs. I don't remember what sag settings I was running on my 04 but I am sure someone will chime in with a starting point. I would go with the recommended spring rate.

Actually I like the way it rides, my fear is bottoming out and it tends to squat a little excessively on bermed corners. Thats why I was curious if just changing the rear would be acceptable.

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