Gas tank help

Hey Guys while filling up my tank I noticed it has a crack in it. I have no clue how it happens but I know it sucks :):D . WHat is the cheapest replacement. Im guessing not Yamaha due to price and quality. Are the replacement tanks plug and play or do I have to buy new radiator shrouds? Differnat petcock. I looked at rockymountain and saw an IMS for $199. Seems expensive. Im just pissed that I have spend more money on my bike. I jsut put a nice graphics kit on too. Any help would be greatly appreicated. Thanks, D

Please please please don't try to repair it. I repaired the tank on my WR426 and my blue bike turned orange... and then black (see picture to left).

Sounds like you want to replace it... good idea. The manufacturer might stand behind it.

Don't repair the tank. You are asking for more problems including the orange and black disaster shown above. Yamaha has made great strides in their customer service department. If you are the original owner and don't get the answer you want from the local dealer, contact the district office. They have people who handle problems exactly like yours.

If you use an IMS tank the stock radiator shrouds should fit. You may have problems with radiator braces if installed. I know works connection braces will not work with oversize tanks on the WR. Good luck.

I have a complete wr tank i'll part with if your interested.It has graphics,petcock and the cap.PM me an offer if your interested. :)

If you swap tanks to aftermarkert, you MAY need to go to a YZF450 seat...??? :)

The older WRF's did NOT have the same seat as the YZF, AND the aftermarket tank guys DO NOT have a oversize tank for the WRF.

The older WRF's needed an aftermarket YZF seat along w/ the aftermarket (or OEM stock Yamaha YZF400/426) oversize tanks.

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