Is it worth to part out a bike? Whats a part out worth?

I am posting this for a friend who got the royal one up his ahole and got f*cked by a seller. He purchased a 04 yz450f- looked pristine (he sent me the pic) but he is a novice and as we know beauty with a bike only runs skin deep. Bottom line the bike has alot of noise and he thinks the bottom end is shot. In his email he told me that he does not have the cash, nor credit to rebuild the bike so he asked me his choices.

Should he part out the bike?- whats it worth how hard is it to do?

Should he bite the bullet and cut bait, sell the bike as is and disclose to the seller that the bike needs a new bottom end unlike the asswhole who sold him the bike and hid this info.

I will pass the advice I get from the forum to him so he can make a decision.

He didn't test the bike first?

Anyways, the problem may not be that bad either.

I'd look into it to determine the cause before making a decision.

PS. parting out can actually fetch more money than an entire bike if the right parts are in good enough shape.

These bikes are noisy engines and at idle it can seem the bottom end is crap,for the sake of a couple cheap gaskets he can pull off the top end and inspect it for himself and be sure.My 07 yz450 makes a lot of rattles during idle and the yz426 I have is the same.Look on youtube and you will get an idea of what these engines sound like,maybe nothing to worry about.

You don't know it needs a bottom end, or anything else. YZ450's are notoriously noisy engines when they are in perfect health. I'd suggest listening to a few others or having a tech familiar with the bikes to take a look before you hit the panic button.

he sent me an audio clip...sounds like marbles in a can, i have an 04 yz450f and its very quite...say a 3 ono a scale of 1-10 his is a 10/10. i understand that metal resonates..

he also told me he took it out ran it for a few min and it shut off, it will kick over but sounds bad...he sent me some pics (not the best cell phone crap) and i can see what looks like RTV around the valve cover and case...someone had it apart and who the &%$#@! would use rtv for the gasket and not oem to seal it up...

Does the bike have an aftermarket skid plate, one that covers the frame rails? Take it off and see what it sounds like.

Electronically transferred audio clips are usually useless, IMO. They are only ever as good as the equipment and method used to record them, and the sound quality on most of them is pretty poor, I find.

My 03 sounds like marbles in a can at idol and a raped ape everywhere els. Mine is so loud people that do not know me or the bike look at me funny when I start it. :jawdrop:

Next time I need a bottom end on a 450 I'm parting it out. I had to put $2500 into my 08 Honda 450 to sell it for $3100. Nobody wants to buy a rebuilt bike it seems. If I could do the work myself I'd consider fixing it, but I would ride mx with it after I tried that!!! Lol. I figure If I could get over $1000 parting it out I'd be coming out ahead compared to paying to have it fixed.

My buddies bike sounds like crap too. His brake pedal tip is loose, his kick start is loose, his skid plate is loose, front brake lever is loose, clutch lever is loose. All adds up to a bike that sounds like it is going to blow any minute but in reality it is a very sound bike that he races the crap out of. Go look at the bike and find out where the sound is coming from. My bike sounds like crap too when it is at idle. Runs great though.

if it's a bearing or piston there is going to be metal in the oil and filter. Check that first. Also do a compression test, and a leak down test is even better.

Conventional compression testing on an engine with auto decompression is basically worthless.

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