2010 wont run when hot

i have recently bought a 2010 yz 250 f and when riding it today it ran ok for 20 minutes but after that it started to backfire alot, it became hard to start (normally 1st or 2nd kick), then once i could get it going it would cut out, if i rode it and let off the revs it would stop, any ideas, thanks

sounds like maybe a combination of poor to bad fuel and/or debris in the pilot jet.

was this the 1st ride since sitting for the winter?

i bought the bike about 3 weeks ago from a guy who said that it had sat since last summer, so i drained the fuel and cleaned the carb right away, the jetting seemed abit off but everything ran ok. ihad rode it a few times and raced it once, so before riding i bought new fuel today which was 99 octane so i dont think it would be that?

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