2007 - 2011 Fork Shock Spring Rate - What are you running

I now have a "new to me" 2009 WR450F - just plated it - what a relief.

Now on to the marshmellow suspension. I know they need a revalve, but i was wondering what spring rates you all where using. Spring Rate / Rider weight?

Race tech dot com.

Spring rate calculator

Paul Thede's calculator says I should use stock springs --- I am about 165 lbs. I was just wondering since the springs feel so soft what other folks are using.

205lbs and i run 0.46kg/mm forks springs and 6.0kg/mm in the rear

I've got 25/100 sag figures on the rear

I'm 210 and running 5.8 and .48 and it works well. The valving is definately too soft for anything fast or any type of air, but works great in tight gnarly stuff.

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