650R: Differences Between Model Years 2000-2003


I'm looking hard into used 650R's and I want to know what are the differences between these bikes for the years 2000 through 2003.

Are they basically the same?

Thanks in advance... :):D :D

Yes, they're basically the same from 2000 to 2004 except for grapics. The 2002 & newer models came with an improved clutch bushing & counter shaft seal, but that's it except for 'BNG' (Bold New Graphics) from what I recall.

the old graphics look better anyways (im not biased), plus that black seat insert is just not good :), seriously, same bike, different year, and yes the countershaft seal sux on the 2000 for sure, clutch bushing hasnt crapped out yet (knock on wood), JR

I have a 2000 and haven't had the countershaft seal or Clutch bushing go YET! I am going to change the clutch bushing when I put in some HD clutch springs in a few weeks (prevention is cheaper than the fix). The bushing is $9.59 (from RonAyers.com) and the lock-nut which is supposed to be replaced after removing is $4.55.

I have a countershaft seal handy but its not leaking so I'm going to save it until it does. It cost $2.87 which is a total difference of ~$17.01 (plus s/h) to make my 2000 equal in parts to the 02-up! (if that is all that seperates them)

My conclusion is if you find a good one at any age b/w 2000 and 2004 just remember that there is a total difference of ~$25.00 to fix what separates the 2000 from 01-04! (Unless you have a graphics preference, but you'll probably ride enough to scratch them off anyway!)!!

Enjoy it when you find it!


Good points J_T and I wouldn't either hesitate to buy a 2000 or 2001 model and use it as it. You can always find people with clutch bushing or c/s seal failures, but the failure numbers are probably pretty small in the scheme of things under normal use when looking at how many XR650R's have been sold. There's plenty of people out there with the old clutch bushings & c/s seals riding their bikes as hard as ever without issues, but as you already pointed out, it doesn't cost much to upgrade and it's also quite easy to do.

it's all relative. my countershaft seal just went out on my 03. changing it tonight. also dropping a tooth from stock in the rear for the first time since i got the bike.

btw: i like the 04 graphics. do you guys? i think i'm gonna get a set of rad. shrouds with em.

I havent seen an 04, too many little girly men in saskatchewan, so not many 650's up here. have to see, my graphics arent doing so good so maybe i should get an 04 kit?

same design as the crf, silver letter, basic. just be sure to run clear vinyl number plate backing over them so the don't wear off.

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