A story about a retired pro 03 yz450 still getting it done with a novice rider.

The short version... I'm trying to race the AMA National Hare & hound Series and last weekend was round 3 in idaho and I won my class and came in second in my skill level overall, Was first until I got tired :cry:

Long version.

I wanted to thank Dirtinc and the NHHA for a great round 3 to the series. My race started on the line like any other but I was almost all alone on the far right of the bomb. I had walked the bomb the day before and determined I had a clean line and now being almost all alone knew I had a great chance at being first to the road.

They raised the banner and everything was quite. Then as the banner fell all in one motion I kicked my old 03 yz450 to life while twisting the throttle and dropping the clutch all at once. I leaped across the small wash in the first hundred yards and powered toward the road crossing full speed. I jumped and cleared the road crossing and to my surprise had just overalled my first bomb run.

I held the lead for the first few miles and decided to settle into a slower place because I knew this would be my first 100+ mile race and to be honest I was nervous being out front. Somewhere before the first rocky canyon I did get passed and I felt more at home chasing than leading. Once we arrived at the rocky canyon we hit a bottle neck of about 15-20 amateurs picking their way threw the rocks. My prey wasted no time picking his way right threw the mess of rocks and riders and I followed in pursuit. From here on out the other rider and my self played back and fourth for the first lap passing some amateurs along the way.

When I came into the pits I knew I was setting in second in class and second novice over all by seconds. I had a great pit and was off. By this time I had lost track of the rider that was leading me due to the traffic crated by the mixed in amateurs. I had no Idea if I had beat my prey out of the pits or if he was making ground on me. So I turned it on and rode a hard pace. Along the way it was mixed with battles with amateurs and close calls. In the last 15 miles the toll of the hard pace I was trying to maintain took it's toll and my pace seemed to have dropped to a mer crawl. Around this time a kx250 was buzzing all round my rear fender and I finally succumbed to him in a turn knowing I was holding him up. Later I would find out that I was at that time first novice overall before I let him by. At the last check I got my 2nd wind and once again picked up the pace. I picked off another amateur or 2 and drag raced another to the finish line only to have him beat me by about a tire.

In the end I got 1st 251+c and 2nd novice overall. Both of which are my best finishes to date! Then there was also my first ever overalling the novice line on the bomb, and first ride ever out of state let alone race. This race was a race of first for me and one I will never forget! Thank you to all that were involved. Thanks to my club HBMC for believing in me and helping me along the way.


Chris Metz N472


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Congrats, sounds like a great time!

Awesome story. Thanks for sharing and CONGRATS!!

Cool ! --- That '03 YZF is/was a machine! -- first time i rode one (in '03) - i said "no thanks!" and went back to 2 strokes for 4 more years -- it was that powerful -- so i am not surprised at all that it is still a competitive bike today

bought 03 when they came out raced the piss out of it for 2 years. i have owned several bikes since, still own the 03 still ride the damn thing. its one of the easiest bikes to wheelie in high gear i have owned. wish they would put 4 speed in the new stuff

Good story and congratulations. Continue to mark them off on the 03 its a bad a$$ machine.

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