Tips for starting a bike after 2 years sitting?

I have an 02 YZ426F about a year and a half ago I started loosing the clutch in a race, so I put it away. now I've put a new clutch in about 5 months ago, after a year of sitting, I managed to start it for about 2 mins and it stalled and would not start, I am going back to get it ready this weekend and I need tips. The carb was factory rebuilt just before the clutch went. I added fuel stabilizer before it was put away.

What I'm giong to do is:

-Drain the fuel tank and add fresh fuel.

-pull clean and gap the spark plug.

-clean and oil filter.

What I need to Know is:

-Any thing else I should check?

-When should I shim the valves?

and most importantly

-I found a small amount of metal in the oil after the clutch change, I flushed 10L through till there was no more, but could those be from the clutch, or should I rip the engine apart now and rebuild it before I try to start it.?

It ran like a top in the last race untill the clutch started going, first kick, hot/cold, like a top, piston and valves only have about 10 hours of use, I need solid advice on my next action.

Thanks -Matt Moran

Pull the carb, clean out all the jets with carb spray and compressed air replace the small jets and reassemble carefully.

blocked pilot jet

replace it and go from there

Dont use carb cleaner, it will melt the internal rubber parts. Use brake cleaner or simple green

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