Thumpertalk the magazine

I was thinking last night at home, Why not create a magazine called thumpertalk. obviously there is a member base that would suscribe and then we could submit our pics for the articles! Anyway just an Idea.

Later The fireman

Cool idea, I like it! If whoever is incharge could get some well known people to give some tips then I think that would be a big selling point.

A 4-stroke dedicated magazine - coun't me in. :)

i'd buy it :)

You're already reading ThumperTalk magazine, updated daily. A previous attempt has been made to market a four stroke magazine. It was called Four Stroke Dirt Bikes or some such thing. Mark Kariya was the editor. They put out several issues around '98-99 then faded out. It seems there wasn't much to talk about other than the YZF.

In the near future, all dirt bike magazines may be four stroke magazines, then someone can do a two stroke/vintage specialty mag. :)

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