YZ250 crankcase bearings

OK so i have been riding my whole life and am looking to move up to a 2001 YZ250. I found a bike on craiglist and the guy is offering to trade me his 01 yz250 for my 03yz85 because he wants to get his son a bike. Only catch is that the bike does not run because it needs crankcase bearings. This worries me a little because I know with crankcase problems can come alot more than just bearings. I dont want to trade, pull it all apart and find i have a blown piston or cracked block... Has anyone ever changed crankcase bearings on a 250? Is it a common thing to go on these specific bikes? Do other problems come along with bad bearings? All info is much appreciated! Not trying to screw myself over and end up in a money pit I cant crawl out of... Thanks!

Its not so difficult to change those bearings, a press comes in handy though.

It's a common job, just keep in mind that to replace these bearings you are taking the motor apart completely. If that sounds like something you can handle, then go for it!

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Which bearings specifically?

Did he stop riding the bike as soon as noise was present?

Did the bike actually get bad enough that it doesn't run now?

How did he determine it was the bearings?

I can count on one hand the times I've seen a bike get grumbly main bearings or a whining rod bearing and no other damage. Typically the bearing gets roached, pieces go thru the engine, and a full rebuild is in order. Being an 01, when was the last top end done?

At best you are splitting the cases and putting in new main bearings, maybe $100 worth of bearings, gaskets, sealant, etc. At worst, it's a crank rebuild, cylinder replate, piston, etc etc, and possibly nearing $800.

In my experience anything on Craigslist that says it has a small issue has something 10 times bigger. You know how many bikes are listed as "fresh rebuild" and then claim it doesn't run because it needs the carb cleaned?

I'd expect it to need a new crank, new mains, new piston, new powervalve and a replate. Its not going to be cheap, broked bikes people want to get rid of rarely are

Thanks for all the input, waiting to hear back from the guy with more details. Will post when I have more info

Do not assume the seller claims the engine only needs "crank bearings" as the truth. ( there is NO such luck). In your best interest assume the complete engine is junk and will need a total rebuild. Think logically what type of idiot would downsize trade a YZ250 for a YZ85 ? Unless he KNOWS the 250's engine is junk.... so again just beware..

it will probably cost you about $1000, to get it right.

Do not swap your good running bike for one that needs work. You are getting the shit end of the stick. That bike is worth about $500.

Thanks guys. Yea I emailed him back asking if he had split the case, checked the block and pistons, blah blah blah and he never responded so I'm figuring it was a &%$#@!ed bike he was trying to dump off on some idiot.. Not gonna be my problem.. But if anyone knows someone in the New England area looking to trade a 125, 250, or 250f for an 03 85 and cash shoot me a message! Thanks again

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