Lean angle sensor 2012 wr

So I read in the manual somewhere the bike has a sensor when dropped the ignition switch has to be reset...

Is there a way to disable this as I can see it being a slow pain in the arse if you drop the bike in a "special test" when your

getting timed to the second!

Cheers Beej.

It's located under the tank on a thin steel bracket.

It basically will shut off motor after a set amount of time (not sure how long) of being imobile nad on it's side. Basically all that is required is cycling the on/off switch and it'll fire right up.

Not sure about disabling it.

I have never run in to this turning on in almost 100 hrs and many crashes and drops..

60 seconds past 60 degrees

Yeah not sure why you'd want to disable this, not like it shuts off the moment the bike falls over.

Thanks for the replys ! If it takes that long to cut out i'm not worried then... Obviously the last time I dropped it on a hill it must of stalled

and not "cut out" as it was only down for about 10 seconds.

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