What the heck am I doing wrong? I've installed a billet throttle tube and when I try to slip on a grip, the end splits open. I've even punched a tiny hole in the end of the grip to releive the trapped air but it still splits as I reach the very end of snugging the grip up against the end of the tube. This was never a problem with the stock tube. It appears to me that the billet tube is a bit larger on the diameter than the stock plastic tube and soft compound Renthals can't handle this added stretch. Is there a solution? Are there grips designed for the larger billet tubes?

I use two corks stick them in the opening in each grip, warm up some water so it's just before boiling point, throw the water in a bowl and throw the two grips in, leave them in there for two minutes or so, remove the grip form the hot water (now the rubber is nice and soft) and just pull it over the bar, it will feel loose at first but as the rubber cools it starts to shrink and after a while its set nice and firm.

It's the only way I get my grips on, hope this helps.

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i just spray brake cleaner on my bars and in my grips...slip them on wait for the cleaner to dry and then safety wire them..works on all my bikes


to put my grips on i use the air method. just use an air compressor to "hover" your grips onto the bars. (don't pinch them tight around the handlebars and try to inflate them. they will inflate like a balloon and explode!!!) for the first grip, install the throttle first, stuff the left side of the bars with papertowels and poke a hole in them just big enuff to insert teh tip of the compessor hose. put the other grip on the throttle tube end , squeeze the trigger, and pullt the grip on.

now for the second grip (left side) just grab the flange around the inside of the grip and pull it away from the handibar enuff to get the nozzle of the compressor under it and pull the trigger (be sure you are holding onto the grip or it will fly off)if it is not sealed totally around, air will be able to escape(good thing)and make some sound (whooshing/ spuealing, depends on escape route) and there will be an air stream flowing under the grip to holding it away from the handle bars and it can be pushed on and turned easily. having someone to help makes this easier (to hold the bars if they are not on your bike)

viola! no more wrestling with stubborn grips ever again!!

hope this helps (and is understandable) :)


note: keep an eye/ extra hand on the first grip installed while adding the second grip incase it should try to back off fromt he air going thru the hollow handibars. :D

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Maybe you can measure the tube to be sure that it's not that much bigger than a regular tube. This may sound silly but double check that you've got the correct grip for the throttle side. I've made sillier mistakes when in a hurry or low on sleep.

That said, I second the compressed air method. Works great!


My friends all buy the grip glue for $4

I use a splash of gasoline into the grip, slosh around and flip out the rest. Put the grip on and the gas will evaporate! Gas is a solvent so it will slightly break down the rubber and it will stick to the bars BETTER than glue! Plus it acts as a lubricant to get the grips on!

Ditto on the correct grip/side!

I had a friend that recently put the smaller one on the throttle side and MADE it fit , then we were out riding and he started Bitching about how crappy these grips were. They were slipping around!!!!!! NO Schmidt! the left side was about 1/4" too big for the bar!LOLOLOLOLOLOL HAHAHAHA

silly silly silly! :)

My only problem has been that the billet throttle tube stretches the grip too much and causes the end to split open a little. And yes, I make sure I use the larger grip on the throttle side. I was using Renthal soft and tried the medium compound thinking it might not split as easy, but it did. I'll try the dual compound Renthals and see if that cures this problem.

My $.02 is to scrap the Renthal grips. I know they're nice but, they are way over priced and the dubability is crap, plus you have to buy they're glue (you are using Renthal glue aren't you?). I have always used Scott MX2 grips and road bicycle bar end plugs or nickles in the end of the grips to keep the bars from poking through with ThreeBond grip glue and 4 saftey wire ties.

Good Luck

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