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PJ-1 Frame Paint

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Has anyone had any experiences with this stuff in yamaha's blue? I'm thinking about getting some to do some touch up but I would like to hear some opinions first.




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I have used the PJ1 paint and it worked out great but you must follow the dirctions--as its a three stage paint process. And the Yamaha blue is a two stage paint and you must use both it and the laquer or it will look like sh*T.

Stage 1

Prep area and spray down a coat of PJ1 white primer (#18-PRMW)

Stage 2

Apply two (2) THIN coats of PJ1 Yamaha Blue (#17-YB8)

Stage 3

Apply one (1) coat of Clear Laquer Overcoat (#17-LACLR).

ALLOW about 20 minutes between coats. Will be totally dry in about 2-3 hours after the final coat.

If you follow the steps it will turn out great. If you skip the base coat and only do stages 2 & 3 it will turn out very good provided you cleaned everything real well before you started.

If you only do stage 2, the Yamaha blue it will look ugly.

Its not cheap after purchasing all three cans of the differint PJ1 products but it does look great and holds up about as good as the stock paint.



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