A weekend with the Pigs!

Riding out at Sunfair was quite rewarding. Arrived Wednesday and left at dark Sunday. Sunday we shot trap and did a little target practice. There was little to no wind and warm days….cold nights.(not to bad with the big heater that Jay brought and the large fire each night) Someone was sending up those big fire works Saturday.(like the ones they use in town on the 4th). There were some monster rides and a few get offs. There were some awesome BRP’s to check out and the opportunity to see how and try out other accessories and modifications that the others have. There were four different steering dampeners, Burnums suspension setups and three that I had setup. Different bars (I really like my Ricky Carmichael bend now! ;o}) Some concluded the Mikuni does make a difference. There were Lots of Tera Felx and the talk of getting Tera Flex. Oil sight tube talk and CR clutch perch, auto clutch, chains, oil and on and on….. Meeting, the riders of Pig fest (Steve, Brad and Mike, Gene) and the great John Roberts that I have heard so much about was worth it. He is as fast of a rider as all the guy’s talked about (for two day’s before he got there). There was a lot of great talk of Rob Burnums and all the great things he had done to Steve’s, Mikes and Brad’s Oinkers. Gene’s story of how he got his Edelbrock fix and ten or twelve passes on the dyno till he got made it perfect. All on a call. It was wonderful to hear of a business that put so much effort in making the customer happy and the pleasure in detail that they all said, was present.. There was talk that, ‘He did more on there bikes then asked to do and didn’t charge extra’ and ‘it was hard to pay for the extras’, I like that kind of business and will be looking that way for the engine mod’s I am dreaming of. Steve sure made determined runs on the sand hill and made it a few times in spite of the wrong tire he was running. (I think he will have a Tera Flex soon). Brad was not happy with me after I cut him off and he had the misfortune of finding out how good the IRC M5B works. He was bleeding! On his arms and the face. The sand ripped right threw his shirt and made his arms look like he got shot with a shot gun. I am sorry and started to think a little more on who was behind me. Brad, helping me and the bike to get back on the trail.( he sure got entertained riding behind me) I am truly tired of big rocks and will quit sooner next time. I loved the high speed cross desert, on no trails, not knowing what was coming up next, rides. (must have been quite a sight to se those bikes ripping across the desert) The nutso guy’s in big 4X4’s climbing the sand hill (only one could make it). Some wig toons jumping a jeep Cherokee and a wagoneeer getting five or six feet of air. Matt, kept up with the Oinkers on his Gilded Pig (XR400R) for the Saturday ride. We would look back and he was right there when we would stop. There was lots of little piglets (XR50’s, XR70’s, XR80’s, some XR100 and a CRF150) ripping around. James, the youngest of the Lewis clan found some mud to sink his XR50 into (hope the pictures turn out and I can get one). We made a jump by camp for the little guy’s. Jay’s son, Chance cleared 27’ on a XR80 and Zeph on a CR80 cleared 33’. I found that at 106 MPH the knobbies fly off the IRC M5B. Man I love that tire but, not made for rocks or asphalt (though it sure does well on both, till it starts flying apart). The rocks even ripped up my new front tire. (did I say I was TIRED of the ROCKS?). Jay lost the side clutch case cover to a big rock and a rock pushed my kick stand into my swing arm making a nasty grove in it. (did I say I HATE ROCKS?!!) We ran Jays stock tank dry, even after Gene added a pint. Gene saved the day by having some epoxy to fix the side cover on Jay’s Oinker. It was a blast listening to Mr. Roberts BRP Squealing eight miles to the store for oil so, Jay could ride back to camp. There is so much more and I am looking forward to the others to tell there side of the story. Oh, and I think rocks suck! :)

It sounds like Steve and I made the right decision to opt out on the "Gene death ride" through the rocks. Thanks to Bruce and Jay for all the tech. tips and to all for welcoming me into the group. I look forward to the next ride.


BWB, what did you think of the Barnum's suspension compared to your mods? What do you use as a front tire to go with that M5B? I used the M5B years ago with my CR500 and it works great. Huge roost. I am riding in mostly sandy terrain here in Florida, and I need some tips on a good front tire since Dunlop does not make 752s anymore.

We corresponded about fork mods months ago, but I have not had the $$ to mod the forks or shock yet. I made fork tools, and have been following your efforts. Thanks for all your hard work. I will probably be able to do the forks and shock in June, budget permitting.

-Take care, and stay healthy so you can ride the pig,


I think my fork setup is the best in the world! Really do. Barnum's is top notch! He does a better job on the XR400 then I do. But, on the XR650R I wouldn't say his is not as good as the setup I do that's for sure; He is the best in the business! :D (but, I realy like mine :)) I like the Pirelli MT410 or MT450 Scorpion Cross.

Maybe Jay or some of the others will let you know if it's worth it to do it the way I laid out in that Fork Setup Guide on the XR650R Yahoo group in the File section under XR650R Forks..doc :D:)

Anybody that dialed in the suspension like you did deserves a medal because it's not an easy thing to do, especially if you were starting from scratch without a lot of experience on cartridge systems. It takes a good bit of time, common sense, some knoweldge about fluid mechanics, a little bit of a mechanical background along with some trial & error to get it right, especially when tuning for special needs as opposed to a general revalve. Nice work! :)

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