BRP Torque Check!!!

Went riding Sunday and my riding buddy and I came across a girl about 12 years old pulling her guts out trying to start an old clapped out Trail Plug (ATV) about a mile from the parking lot. Well after a couple of tugs on the rope we decided to check the fuel...none. :D So I broke out my tow strap and tied it to the center of my bars and ran the line between my legs. We ran the line through her bar mounts with a couple of wraps out to the grip, so if things got wierd she could just let go of the grip and the strap would unravel. :D We set this all up, and back we go to the parking lot. About half way there the ATV starts to tow real hard so I just rolled on the gas of my BRP and kept going. When we make it to her beer swilling parents, :D they start getting pissed. What the heck? :) I just brought your daughter back so she did not have to walk or push this pile of crap back! Well it seems that she accidently dropped it into gear and was bouncing all over the place as I dragged the ATV back to the truck. She never let go of the bar to release the tow strap! :D

So if you ever wanted to know, Yes you can tow an ATV kicking and screeming out of your way. :D :D :D :D

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)


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