Master link removal

I'm trying to remove and clean the o-ring chain on a '99 400f and I can't get the master link out. The clip came off without a problem, but the link won't slide out! I'm hesitant to force it before asking.

I wish I could tell ya, but I don't know who makes it. It was on there when I bought it. It also has a bunch of the "chain wax" on it, so it may just be

It is OK to pry the link apart, it should not take much effort, just pay attention the o rings and try not to damage them while prying.

My o-ring chain did the same (DID 520) I had to use some force to get my master link out as well, don't worry you will not break anything.

Thanks all. I have a DID 520Vm chain and found that the master clip I have is one where you need to press it on/off. Does anyone know if there is a special tool for this, and if so where can I get it?

I don't know if they make a press off tool, but they do make a press on tool for the side plate. It cost around $21.00 and works great. Its about as difficult to press the side plate back on as it is to take off without the tool.

I guess they do this incase you lose the circlip that the chain won't fly apart on you.

Yes they make a tool for press on links, Its called a Chain Break. You can get one here.


Go to catalog, chain tools, and look for Patton chain breaker.

There are 2 types of links, slip on and press on, I prefer the press on because I can lose my circlip and the chain will not come apart for a while like a slip on would.

To put the link back on just use a small socket like a 1/4" or 8mm, place it over the pin and use a small C-clamp to press it on.

Later, Jason

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