yz400f 98 overfilled oil and there is now oil in cylinder HELP

hi i overfilled oil and somehow it has leaked into the cylinder plug was oily

when i took plug out and kick over clean fresh oil squirts out of the plug hole

how can i clean this out and get the bike running ?

any suggestions welcome

I don't know how you did this but push the kicker over to TDC(with plug out) and use a turkey baster or simply turn the bike over and let it drain. You may want to figure out how the oil got in there. I.E. horribly bad valve guides something of that nature. Does your bike usually smoke really bad at start up?

I only just bought it so have not got it running yet

thanks for the idea

i think i will drain all the oil take off rocker box dry that out

take carb off and clean up inlet with starter fluid, then may dump some gas down plug hole and clean it out with kickstart ??

Should work I suppose. Like I tell some of the guys at my work though don't just fix the problem but also try and figure out what caused it. :prof: It is easy to get wrapped up in fixing the problem at hand and over look the cause.

I guess the rocker box filled with oil and it seaped past the valve guides, if I can get it running I can asses how much oil is burning and then fix the next thing


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