twitchy front end

hi there,

anyone know what would cause my front end of my xr650r

to feel twitchy

and what riding conditions would suit having your rebound

on the hardest or softest setting, i'm battling to set up my bike correctly.

thanks you

w :)

-Any dents in the rim?

-bulging in the front tire, front tire is not balanced??

-worn headset bearing?

All those could be suspects.

In case the items above don't resolve your twitchy front end, here's some less likely things to check for.

- Loose steering stem nut (torque it to spec)

- Front wheel not true (check roundness and side to side runout / tighten spokes)

- Not enough rear sag (check static & race sag)

- Fork tubes sitting too high in the clamps (raising the fork tubes in the clamps makes steering quicker, but sacrafices high speed stability)

- Suspension fluid (your fork oil may be worn out)

- Tire Choice (some brands & compounds of tires work better than others, so make sure to use something that's known to work well for the type of terrain you're riding on)

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