I need 60 hp at the rear wheel...


I want to know if any of you running thoses 444cc high comp. kit have any hp number to share with me.

I'm racing on the ice and for 2002 they moved the four stroke limit from 426 to 450 in the 250 class.

My 2000 was right on 54hp on a Dynojet 150, my 2001 was slightly down on that, even after quite a bit of fiddling and switching over to the 2000 ignition.

The only thing done was oversizes valves and head porting plus a EVO pipe running on Pro Fuel MK IV (112 octane).

I also run that same bike in 4 stroke open and the 600 class so I've got to hold my own against KX and CR (from 500 to 560cc) that crank out around 70 hp and there is also one guy running a 80 hp Rotax(at the front sprocket=72/74 at the wheel).

I guess that I would do ok with around 60 hp with the wide and quick revvin powerband the YZ has and also with the traction advantage over the 2 smokes.


Guy, try finding Hick on this board. He has your dream set-up! B.T.W. any recommandations on late season riding in your area? ( I'm up north ) I beleive you are in the Bois Francs area? ( I hate mud, gets my pretty bike messy ! )

Bonne fin de semaine!

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Have you tried Nutec?


What about Nutec?

I don't know anything about them.

About riding conditions Hugh, give me a call at 800-570-3521 (8-12/1-5 weekday).

I put on a ride saturday, with a bunch of mx guys from Challenge Quebec, some from the Quebec enduro club and a few loonies from New-Brunswick (factorymx.com webbie and friends...).

Consider yourself invited, along with your friends.

I just hope we'll get some snow to make things interesting...

After the ride we will relax to the sound of the infamous Cross-T MX Noise Band, with the crossgirls staff to serve the beverages...

It's gonna be worth the trip!


Nutec is racing fuel. www.nutecdivision.com Average gains are 5-6hp simply by using it. I've gained 7hp on a road racing single. It's not cheap ($15-20 gal.), but when you consider the cost of that kind of gain with hard parts, plus the chance of building a grenade-it's worth it. A lot of people practice with pump or regular race fuel (VP F&L etc.), and then use the Nutec for the race.

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