wr part number recognition

Hi. Can any one clarify how to identify the year from a part number or if it is even possible. Do year 2000 parts start with 5GS and 2001-2002 5NG ? Would that be correct or does it not correspond to the year.

I'm after a wr426 or a year 2000 wr400 stator as I believe these have the most wattage, but I'm struggling to tell the difference between the manufacture years.


Bespoke parts begin with the 3 digit model code, but if its a common part like a bearing or a bolt that is used on other bikes then it'll have a generic code

WR400 2000 stator 5NG-85560-01-00

WR426 2001 stator 5NG-85560-01-00

WR426 2002 stator 5NG-85560-50-00

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Hi GuyGraham. Many thanks for your reply. I was sold a stator with the number starting 5GS. They claimed it was the wr426 stator but I guess not from the number. The more powerful stators seem pretty hard to get hold of! Will just have to keep looking.

Thanks again

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