What addiction so you have?

Bow fishing..bow hunting.. Any reason to fling some arrows! And eat...

Bow fishing..bow hunting.. Any reason to fling some arrows! And eat...

Thumpertalk and surfing the web for killer deals!

riding, thumpertalk, gym, xbox, mechanics, offroading, internet, cars, going out, and general mischievous things a teenager would do


Red Man.


Copenhagen and things with wheels...beers good to but not enough to be addicted

Used to be snuff. Now it's hookers and blow. Someone had to say it. Don't tell my wife.....

Man....guys. Why are you chewing, thats awful. I live in hockey mecca and some of the OHL guys chew/chewed for a while. All the junior players found out and they all started chewing, and spitting all over the ice. The smart ones, or actually good players quit chewing like 2 years ago but the gloids who think they're so sick bro still chew.

Long story short, they're disgusting and the girls all stay away. Way away. Good luck getting girls in a couple of years.

My addiciton is buying junk cars and somehow turning a profit.


100% riding is my worst one, and its not just riding; its riding, wrenching, looking at websites about riding. I started the addiction about age 12. Im about to be 20 and have owned 19 different dirtbikes/mopeds/motorcycles. I have eased off but I think there was a period of time in my younger days where you could legitimately classify my obsession with dirtbikes as an addiction. Thats my biggest one, but other than that I spend too much money on the rest of my hobbies too, especially my truck. Im addicted to all kinds of forums (truck, surfing, boats, dirtbikes, all thanks to thumpertalk). When Im extremely focused and studying a lot I tend to bite a little tiny piece of notebook paper and chew on it (I know its weird). I also chew a lot of gum, and speed a lot. Im sure there are others I cant think of at the moment.

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Well was addicted to a money grubbing@@$$%&.., sorry she left.

Chewing and anything with an engine....oh and work...lol can't seem to quit that one either.

Buds, Bikes, Bxtches.

I meant the safe kind of buds, just to clear that up.

Always looking for new parts for my bike. Even though it just got completely rebuilt ha.

Hmmm... I guess the top 3 are eating kat, tasty burn and good rye....

Women, booze, bikes, guns, herb, work, Man I wish I could say fitness but I'm lacking currently.

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Starting to get addicted to the gym! Haha I've been doing about a hour of cardio a day

I'm addicted to bikes, girls, and fitness. I can't get enough of this site http://www.racerxvt.com/ so much on it for motocross fitness. I want to elevate my fitness this year to a new level and see what it does for me.

I can't come home without playing some Black ops 2 on xbox and whoopin tail......and riding my "dirt scooter" of course.

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