Anyone got pics of IMS/Clarke/Acerbis ........

.......mounted on a 2003 WRF? Did it require YZF seat replacement?

What are you up to :D

Smoke :)

If you find out can you let me know??? I need to buy one too since my damn tank cracked for no reason.

I'm thinking of getting a black tank, black shrouds, black SDG seat, and then throwing on the Hurricane kit! :)

Here's a pic of my IMS... IMS has one tank for both YZFs and WRFs that's it, and it's a 3.1 gallon.... No need for the YZF seat, this is my stock WR seat below..


Honestly I don't like the tank that much.. You get a half a gallon more than stock and you have to route the fuel lines all funky... Some of these tanks rub on the valve cover too.. All this for around 200 dollars..

Thanx for the info. Two more questions. Are those WRF or YZF shrouds? Do radiator guards fit the same? :)

You have to use YZ shrouds.

mark go to hell

TTR :)

Your sig line doesn't make any sense! How's that for HELL? Little dope. :):D

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DONT BE A A$$ :)

DONT BE A A$$ :)

That would be, "Don't be an ass!" Not a ass. :D :D

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