DRZ is gone, WR450 plastic protection?

Well, I traded my DRZ400S for a WR450 ('03). I couldn't keep up to buddies CRF450. Maybe I can't on the WR450 (with a Baja Design's kit) either, but oh well.

I wrote Yamaha Canada a letter with regards to assurances the my provide that the bike won't strand me in the middle of nowhere because of the "woodruff key". Maybe they will reply, maybe they won't.

I was spending tons of money trying to make the DRZ into a lightweight machine. It was a great bike though and I'll always like yellow machines.

My question is, what works good on the blue plastic for protection. I like a bike that looks good as well as works good. That plastic can look old fast I hear.


Not sure about protection, but the blue plastic is prone to get white stress marks when it is bent. These white marks can be removed with some careful application of heat from a heat gun.

The white plastic seems to stay looking better on the WR - the white DRZ plastic got really dirty looking fast.

Other than that, wear and tear on the plastic was about the same from my DRZ to my WR.


congrats on your new ride :) just curious , did you trade your drz for a brand new wr450 or was it used ? and i see you also have a baja disigns kit , did you have any hassle getting a street plate and insurance ? does the dmv have to okay it even though there are no m/c inspections in nb ? i saw a wr400 with a b/d kit on it in freddy a while ago and it looked pretty cool . i'd like to convert a wr for motard/street but the woodruff /starter gear problem on the 03 models makes me think i should hold off a bit until the 04 model proves to be more reliable in this area . has your bike had the update done ? any problems ?

sorry for all the ??

ohh , to answer your original question , i always wash my bike after each ride and use armour all on the plastics to keep it looking great , i've also heard using mop and glo floor finish from your local grocery store works good at bringing back the shine to plastic fenders . another good one is made by honda , it comes in an aerosol spray can just spray it on and it helps maintain the shine , check sutherlands they should stock it :D

Yeah, I traded it. MacLean's did alright I figure (everybody wants more, makes sense) but it's done as soon as they get around to getting the bike together!

I'm not a big fan of Sutherland's. They are a car dealer that can sell you a bike.

I have alerted MacLeans Sports of the service bulletin with regards to the starter gear issues and written Yamaha Canada looking for their assurances that the bike won't strand me. If it does, I be fit to explode.

With regards to the licence plate, MacLean's is getting that. I saw some XR400's done up by Toy's, they were great!

MacLean's isn't doing mine up with as good of a kit. I won't have a speedo but I have read the motor vehicle act and the only things that could get me are a headlight a bit on the weak side (although a stator rewind and a brighter bulb are in the kit). When a NB DMV inspection is done on a car, it doesn't matter is the speedo is working, so I'm going to assume you don't need one. The insurance company didn't seem to have a problem with it either.

Actually the DRZ with a WB R-4 exhaust was more noticable than the WR probably will be.

I should phone MacLean's and see if it's done, they never call! Reverse salespeople.

As long as the donuts are good I should be ok for the street.

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