How to do a whip?

If you've got one around, use a 125 to get the feel of the aerial mechanics, then apply those same moves to the 426 (only to a lesser degree because of the added weight).

I think the approach I'll take is to do small increments. That's the plan but what I think is a small increment may very well turn out to be a high speed dismount. Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained....Thanks for all the great input guys.

Glen - Thanks for the input, I do think about all those things while jumping, because that is all I am doing...jump after jump (riding in the Oregon Dunes). I have never raced and don't ride with or know anybody that rides better or more aggressive than me, don't get me wrong, everyone I ride with sucks (at jumping), so I am pretty much figuring this all out on my own. I usually end up using nothing but my weight to do corrections in the air. Should I work on something else besides the whip as a build up to it? Sand is very forgiving and the dunes have great jumps, so I feel I am ready for the next step, which would be what?

This is something I've been trying to do for awhile also. I can get it sideways a little but something keeps holding me back, and I think it's that others have told me that the 426 is hard to whip as compared to a 125 or even a 250 2smoker. As for attitude adjustment, I use the push method for correcting nose high, since it is by far the easiest, but I always use the panic rev to get my nose back up. I would advise you try some simple cross-ups just to get used to the bike being somewhat "squirrely" in the air. I have my son ride behind me when I'm practicing jumps so he can tell me how far I get it whipped. So far just a little but I'm working on it. Let us know your progress..


Hey SMP,

I was at Florence this summer. You've got some great riding up there! Personally I find it tough to whip in the sand, but people do it and the landing... well, you know how sand landings are. I'm in the same boat with jumping. I rode BMX for years as a kid and brought those skills to my dirt bike, but none of my immediate friends are at my jumping level. Don't get me wrong, I'm no Metzger, I'm a mid-30's want to be with too much smarts to try a superman seat grab! I think the trick is start small and try to keep a neutral ballance on the bike. These guys doing the freestyle stuff are experts at remaining neutral in the air while they toss themselves around. For me the whip is king. No other trick is cooler IMHO. I see kids at the local tracks doing all these crazy moves and when I've asked a few to show me a whip, most say "I can't do that". As far as what is next, how about a backflip? LOL!


Hey SMP,

What tire combo are you using? Paddle rear? Front? I've heard the Bridgestone (can't remember the number) sand tire is awesome on the front in the dunes.


I'm using a King's Tire front sand tire (3 fins) and a King's Turbo 8 paddle, that has the 2 fins in between each paddle. I like the setup. The front tire is very precise compared to the knobby.

Love Florence, Winchester Bay is even better (20 miles south of Florence).

Guess I will stick to trying the whip, it too is the only trick I really want to is a true classic.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Also got the K&N filter with an Outerwears on it, which means I don't need to clean my filter every single time I ride in the sand.

The Outerwears is not oiled so the sand does not stick to it.

SMP: Have you rode at spinreel, or spinwheel? I'm not sure which it is. out of coos bay? I have ridden at south jetty at florence and can fly down the face just a little from the back side towards the parking lot. No funny stuff in the air off that one! Landing is hard enough. I have a track at home but with the oregon rain I think I will put the paddle on and have to find a descent day at the coast.

Later The fireman

Hugh- as for the brake tap, it does look good from the stands when you see someone do it, but in my opinion it is not better than the brute force push and shove method of getting your nose down. I did learn the brake tap, but never got good enough to use it in a pinch and the shove method ALWAYS works. And about my own whipping progress, my son and I went to a track today and mostly all I worked on was whipping the bike. I picked out a good table top and went to work. I got it as far as about 30 degrees sideways a few times, but can't seem to get any more. I did find that a little more speed made it easier to whip, but it also made timing more critical. And I can't really describe how I did it, I just tried different things until it "felt" right...

Nozzle: I have been to the Coos Bay section of the dunes, the one where you can see the bridge, but not Spinreel...heard it is good though, also heard all the sandrails go there and that is not a good combo!

At Florence I usually camp at Woahink Lake Rv resort, they have a private trail into the dunes.

Going to Coos Bay on Dec. 15th...hope for sun! Nothing worse than rolling around in the sand while wet.

O.K. I have to first say that I can only whip the bike slightly, but I have been watching the terra ferma video's and it looks like on take off you pull the bike down on the ramp and get the bike flat this will force you to weight the inside or lower peg. Then the bike comes around easy, I have a table top at home and went out after watching the video frame by frame and it worked to get it sideways the problem was I landed that way on the jump and jambed my ankle and wrist. Like MXA says it takes an act of congress to get it back. Just my two cents.

Later The Fireman

Glen and MikeOK, thanks for the good input also! I was told at a moto school to have the brake tap thing down before trying any big air but have never been comfortable with it. It seems like an unatural move and it just messes me up and takes the wind out of my sail so to speak. I do prefer and am much more successful with body weight corrections and panic revs than the brake tap. I will however continue tapping when I can just for practice but will no longer hold back on account of my lack of mastery over it!

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Hey SMP, Hugh & Mike

SMP, I used those filterskins last time in the sand and I was very impressed. The YZ doesn't get as much sand in the airbox as my old cr5 did, but they were a good investment. I'd forgotten about those ribbed front tires. I bet they are good.

Hugh, I agree with you about the rear brakes. I can only rear brake tap when I'm thinking about it. Never when I need it! A slight tug on the front brake does the same thing but I don't like that option too well either.

Mike, 30 degrees is a real decent whip! I've pulled maybe 45 degrees, Feels to me like I'm pushing Newton's law a bit to much beyond that. The idea of high-siding on a 4th gear jump keeps me honest!


Glen, I used to use the "Filter Skins" too, in the sand, then I got a K&N filter, with an Outerwears. The filterskins needed to be oiled and placed over the stock filter, the Outerwear goes over the K&N and needs no oil, so the sand just falls off.

The K&N breaths 30% better than stock and will never fall apart....more air....more power, give it a try, I noticed a difference, just with the filter.

Cool! Next time I'm due for a filter, I will give K&N a try!

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